The 2017 Chicago Autumn Feis will be held on Sunday, November 5th at North Central College in Naperville, IL. Registration is now open and is through Quickfeis.



Start date: 11/4/17  |  End date: 11/5/17  |  Last day to book: 10/12/17

Chicago Marriott Naperville for $97.00 USD/night*

Book your group rate for CHICAGO AUTUMN FEIS

*There are a limited number of double queen rooms. Lots of king bed options.


2017 Adjudicators

Eddie Murphy, NY

Chris Ryan, Ireland

Kate Woczyna, PA

Kerry Broderick, NY

Judy McCafferty, AR

PJ McCafferty, AR

Noelle Curran, NJ

Sue Fay Healy, Canada

Sean Flynn, NY

Maureen Doyle, IL

Patty Darragh, NH

Catherine Leneghan, OH

Neil Reagan, NY

Christina Ryan, PA


2017 Musicians as of 09.07.17)

Rebecca Brooke Manthe, IL (fiddle)

Nancy Maio, WI (fiddle)

Charlene Adzima, WI (fiddle)

Maria Terres, WI (fiddle)

Robert McLeod, IL (fiddle)

Cormac O’Se, MN (accordion)

Nick Shizas, IL (accordion)

Rosemary O’Malley, IL (fiddle)