2019 Chicago Autumn Feis is on Sunday, November 3. Visit the Feis page for more information.

Congratulations to all our dancers that competed at the Mid-America Oireachtas!



World Qualifiers

Devin Burger 3rd place U11B

Kaitlyn Roney 3rd place U13B

Olivia Connor 7th place U10B

Keira Martin 7th place U12B

Gracie Carmody 9th place U10A

Maggie Carmody 9th place U13B




National Qualifiers

Lucy Lakawitch 15th place U11A

Makayla Porter 16th place U15B

Fiona Michon 18th place U12A

Fiona West 20th place U9

Sarah Fitch 22nd place U11B

Anna Schwarz 28th place U13A



Shannon Zofkie 23rd place O22

Abigail Olsen 28th place U14B

Sarah Gilhooly 30th place U14A

Abigail Schied 32nd place U12A

Lizzie Gadzik 34th place U13A

Elizabeth Adkins 35th place U13B

Nora McGuire 37th place U12B

Ella Nolan 40th place U15A

Hannah Hassett 41st place U9

Chaelyn McGuire 54th place U13B

6 teams, 100% recall, 4 teams top 3, all teams top 10!


U12 Ceili 1st place

U15 Ceili 1st, 8th and 10th place

U10 Ceili 2nd place

U10 Mixed 3rd place


Traditional Set

U9 Abby Petto 1st place

U7 Clare Hladik 2nd place

U8 Reagan Senders 5th place

U8 Charlotte Woolley 16th place

U10 William Rasavong 13th place