Congratulations to all our dancers that competed at the Mid-America Oireacthas!

Mid-America Champions:

1st place - Colette Harling U20

1st place - Marissa Recchia U13

1st place - U10 Girls Ceili


2nd place - Kaitlyn Roney U10 girls

2nd place - Keira Martin U9 girls


3rd place - U8 Girls Ceili


World Qualifiers:
Paige Dausinas

Colette Harling

Savannah Greybill

Marissa Recchia

Kaitlyn Roney

Maggie Carmody

National Qualifiers:

Molly Carr

Claire Gilhooly

Keira Martin



Ladies U18 Lauren McHale 19th place

Girls U16 Breanne Morrissey 56th place

Girls U15 Katelynn Dunleavy 44th place

Girls U15 Fiona Martin 56th place

Girls U13 Savannah Greybill 18th place

Girls U12 Makayla Porter 54th place

Girls U11 Sarah Gilhooly 49th place

Girls U9 Abby Schied 46th place


U12 - 8th place

U12 - 12th place


Traditional Set:

U8 Cara Murphy 18th place

U8 Nora Nagle 49th place

U10 Mary Cait Doherty 11th place

U10 Maura Poppish 37th place

U10 Kiera Phillips 40th place

U11 Madeline Burger 5th place

U11 Orla Conlon 29th place

U11 Clare Doherty 42nd place

U11 Brenna Engel 60th place

U12 Maeve Carr 5th place

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